Old Spokes Home100% of Old Spokes Home profits support Bike Recycle Vermont.

In October 2014, Bike Recycle Vermont staff and volunteers formed a non-profit organization, Burlington Bike Project, in order to purchase Old Spokes Home. Burlington Bike Project successfully purchased Old Spokes in January 2015.

Old Spokes Home is a popular full-service retail bike shop selling used and new bikes. The shop primarily serves a growing population of everyday bike commuters and enthusiasts. Old Spokes Home is capable of providing a reliable, mission-related source of revenue that allows Bike Recycle Vermont to be less reliant on grants and private donations, and therefore become a stronger and more sustainable organization.

Philosophically, the two bikes shops have so much in common: staff members who are passionate about bikes and social change, a dedication to refurbishing used bikes and parts, loyal customer bases of everyday commuters and bike enthusiasts, and a history of promoting bike culture in Burlington and Vermont. It's a natural and powerful pairing.

We continue to fundraise to achieve full ownership of Old Spokes Home. Click here to contribute to our Old Spokes Home capital campaign today.

Check out Old Spokes Home's website by clicking below.

Old Spokes Home