Apprenticeship Program

Our youth job training program.

Our Apprenticeship Program offers high school students an opportunity to gain transferable job skills, mechanical experience, and ultimately a job in a bike shop.


Apprentices learn bicycle mechanic skills, workplace safety and efficiency, hand tool skills, problem solving, diagnosis skills, retail skills, and more at Bike Recycle Vermont. They tear down old bikes, build new bikes from the box, refurbish used bikes, and practice common repairs. Apprentices tour other local bike shops and employers in the manufacturing, trades, and mechanical fields. They receive resume writing help and are connected to business owners and managers.



The ultimate goal of the Apprenticeship Program is to place every apprentice in a job at the end of the program.The  skills and knowledge that apprentices gain throughout the program are foundational for finding work in hands-on mechanical professions. The job skills apprentices gain will serve them for a lifetime. 


The 2016-2017 Apprenticeship Program is broken down into modules that can be completed after school 2-3 days each week or during school hours, depending on the apprentice's schedule.

December & January // Earn a Bike

Apprentices tear down, build up, and refurbish a bike to keep for themselves while learning about tools, bike anatomy, and mechanical concepts. Open to youth ages 14 and up.

February & March // Earn Tools & Shop Credit (funding pending)

Apprentices earn tools and shop credit towards accessories at Bike Recycle Vermont based on completion of mechanic skill modules and attendance. Open to youth ages 14 and up.

April & May // Earn Money (funding pending)

Apprentices receive a monthly stipend based on hours spent in the shop working with customers and volunteers, refurbishing bikes, performing repairs, and building bikes from the box. Open to youth ages 16 and up.

June, July, August // Employment Experience

Apprentices who complete previous modules, pass a skills test, and complete a successful job interview are eligible for employment at Bike Recycle Vermont and/or Old Spokes Home through the 2017 season. Apprentices interested in jobs in other fields or in other bike shops receive recommendations and help making connections. Open to ages 16 and up.


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