Everybody Bikes

Our transportation access program.

Everybody Bikes program removes financial barriers to bicycling. We provide affordable bikes and repair services that allow people to rely on their bicycles and therefore save money, get active, and gain freedom and flexibility in their everyday lives

Since 2005, the Everybody Bikes program has provided over 5,000 bikes and 10,000 repairs to income-eligible Vermonters.




Clients should present:
  • Referal letter or voucher from one of our partners
  • Documentation of receiving on of the following:
    • SSDI
    • 3Squares/EBT
    • Medicaid
    • WIC
    • Reach Up
    • Social Security
    • Section 8
    • Unemployment Benefits


Tuesday: 1PM - 8PM

Wednesday: 1PM - 5PM

No appointments necessary. Simply visit during the above hours with the approved income documentation (below).

Invoicing & Billing

If you are an institution or organization that wants to pay for a client's bike, parts, gear, or accessories, please call (802) 264-9687 or email christine@bikereyclevt.org to discuss billing options.


Bikes: $15 - $150; depends on size, style, and quality. We have a small showroom and bikes are priced as marked. The average price of an adult bike is about $40.

Repairs: Prices vary. Our tune-ups start at $25. Bring your bike in during Everybody Bikes hours to get an estimate. We cannot give estimates without having a bike in front of us.

Accessories and Gear:

  • Locks: $6 - $16
  • Helmets: $5
  • Lights: $6 - $16
  • Reflective Vests: $8
  • Racks/Baskets: $10 - $20
  • Fenders: $17+


  • Bikes are for clients who do not already have a bike. Our resources are limited and we reserve our bikes for people who do not have access to a bike already. If you already have a bike, let us tune it up for you! We have replacement parts. If someone has a bike that needs extensive repair work or that doesn't fit them, we will aks them to bring it in for an evaluation and we'll go from there.

  • We do not give bikes away for free, for trades, or for I.O.U.s. If an individual has no money, they may be eligible for a voucher through Joint Urban Ministries Projects (J.U.M.P.), or if their bike was stolen, they may be able to get a voucher through Parallel Justice after filing a police report. We do not to trade-ins. 

  • We do not sell bikes, parts, gear, or perform repairs for the general public. The Everybody Bikes program creates access to bikes and repairs for people who may not otherwise be able to afford or access bikes or repairs due to financial or social barriers.


Bike Recycle Vermont, 664 Riverside Ave. (see map at bottom of the page)

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Community Partners

Referral Organizations:

Vermont Refugee Resettlement Project (VRRP)

Joint Urban Ministries Project (J.U.M.P.)

Parallel Justice

Reach Up


Howard Center

Major Bike Donors:

Burlington Police Department

Univeristy of Vermont

Church Street Marketplace

Essex Police Department

Winooski Police Department


Funding Partners

Does your company want to be responsible for supplying hundreds of our neighbors with affordable, active transportation each year? Contact Outreach Director Christine Hill at christine@bikerecyclevt.org to learn more about supporting or sponsoring this program.


call: (802) 264-9687