Basics of Electric Folding Bikes

As with other electric bikes, folding ebikes may come with power on demand systems, which operate through a throttle mounted on the handlebar (like a motorcycle or scooter), or a power assist system, in which the electric motor kicks in depending on the rider’s pedaling speed and/or force (like a moped).

Folding electric bikes use rechargeable batteries, and can vary in terms of battery range, size, and motor strength. In the United States, a vehicle legally qualifies as an electric bike if it has a top “motor-only” speed of less than 20 mph, and a motor which produces less than 750 watts/1hp. 

Different states and localities have different laws on the on-street operation of a folding electric bike.

If you live in a city a folding electric bike could be an ideal solution to your commute.  Many people bike to a train, bus, or subway and lock their bike up before taking public transportation to their destination.  With a folding electric bike you can bring your bike with you and ride it right to the doorstep or work or school.  In this case owning a folding electric bike can help get you virtually anywhere when combined with public transportation. 

And better yet, when you arrive at work with your electric folding bike you won’t be dripping with sweat from your ride like you would be if you had ridden a traditional bike.  Folding electric bikes can potentially transform the way you get from place to place!  Maybe now you can get rid of that car, stop paying for insurance and gas, and travel with the same level of convenience.  Diminish your use of fossil fuels and increase your health with more exercise in the process.  Check an electric folding bike today!